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Are you spending enough quality time with your kids?

Christmas Ornaments Cost WAY Too Much!
And Besides, Where's The FUN In Them Anyway?

With geometric ornaments like this, the whole family gets involved in a fascinating, creative and wondrous experience.
AND you save a ton of money! For just $7 you can create an endless supply of...

  Geometric Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree Display

Download these fascinating craft projects and minutes from now, the whole family will be enjoying quality time, saving tons of money, and learning some mathematical principles without even realizing they're doing math!

Sure, you can go out to the over-crowded malls and department stores and get a bunch of those plain old BORING EXPENSIVE ornaments -- what do they cost? $10? $15? even $50? -- and then get home and have the kids whining over how dull the whole experience is...


you can print out as many of these exciting ornaments as you like for just pennies on the dollar, and you and the kids will delight in spending family time putting them together and designing your very own custom ornaments to hang on the tree.

What exactly are they?

Gallery of Templates

The templates shown above each fit on their own 8 1/2" x 11" page. They are produced in a high resolution so that printing them onto a good quality glossy photo paper yields a bright design. After printing them, you simply cut them out and crease them in the places indicated, then glue them together at the tabs to create shiny, lightweight icosahedra. (An icosahedron, in case you were wondering, is a twenty-sided polyhedron; and icosahedra is what you call them when there are more than one of them.)

The REAL fun begins when you print out the blank templates (not shown here) and color the faces in with your own custom designs! There are nine templates like this available with each a triangular grid varying in size for maximum creativity.

Here's What You Get...

Geometric Christmas Ornaments

  • 14 beautiful geometric designs based on a triangular grid
  • 9 blank templates with triangular grids of different sizes for designing your own custom ornaments
  • High-quality resolution for bright, vivid colors
  • Detailed, illustrated instructions for easy assembly
  • Easy-to-navigate Table of Contents for quick lookups

This is why this is different than anything else you've ever seen before...

The fourteen icosahedral ornaments with their highly original designs will evoke a sense of wonder due to the nature of their three-dimensional illusions. These illusions are inspired by Celtic knots, Islamic and Moorish tilework, and M.C. Escher designs, among other things. Look closely to discover the:

  • Beam-like structures that interweave and travel the face of the icosahedron only to come right back around to their starting points.
  • Star-like structures that would be impossible in real-life.
  • Colorful triangular constructions that cover the faces in symmetrical arrangements.

But wait! Not only do you get these original designs, but included with this package are nine blank templates mapped out with triangular grids of different sizes so you can paint or color them to come up with your own new, strange and unique geometrical designs! Think of all the possibilities as you try out new patterns! There are principles of mathematics at play here, and the fun thing is, you don't even KNOW you're doing math! You and your kids will explore advanced geometry and all in the guise of great wonder and fascination!

But wait! That's not all! I'm also throwing in some very cool Christmas BONUSES...

Bonuses That Make This Too Irresistible to Pass Up!

Vintage ChristmasTales Of Christmas Past
Christmas Countdown: Vintage Christmas

This fascinating Christmas countdown collection explores a different aspect of the history and traditions of Christmas. Each day, starting on December 1st and continuing through to Christmas, features an article about the origins of Christmas traditions, wonderful poems from earlier centuries and beautiful vintage Christmas artwork and illustrations from postcards and prints.

There are authentic Christmas recipes from times past, from medieval and Victorian times and beautiful desktop wallpapers featuring vintage art and antique art reproductions that you can download.

Available in e-book format, with professionally restored images.

Classic Christmas Stories: Tales of Christmas Past

Classic Christmas stories from the turn of the 20th century bring the Christmas of an earlier era to life with charm, good humor and inspirational Christmas messages.

Tales of Christmas Past features thirteen classic Christmas stories and poems with vintage illustrations from the original books.

Now available in e-book format, with professionally restored images.


As soon as we received the package, my girls and I immediately printed out several of the blank templates. We had so much fun painting in the little triangles with our puff paints! We each created our own intricate and fascinating designs; and then folding and gluing them was a breeze. We had a great time! Next week we'll get to showcase them on the tree. Thanks for the cool way of introducing geometry to my little girls. I'm sure it will open new doors for them.


This book brought us so much pleasure! We were amazed by how easy it was to make these ornaments and they look so cool on our tree! Thanks Matthew!

Trey Henderson

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Time is running out! Get these fascinating, fun projects today and you will be decorating the tree tonight!

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